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Dear friend:

I’ll introduce myself, my name is Germán Mata and I was born in Madrid August 26th 1981. I am my parents’ son and nobody else’s.

I was born without glasses like my father and shortish like my mother, although soon I shot up a little by art of magic.

Later I was a kid and the magic was always present everyday of my life… “Magia Borrás”, the three Magic Kings… and also my mother. She was an expert in filling of food my plate by art of magic (I believe that everything was subliminal messages, they didn’t want me to be a soccer player but a magician instead). So much magic, so much magic that I took notice and I decided to build my life on the illusions and ideas that were influencing me in those magical days.

At present I live in Madrid and I work in what I like, being a Magician. I am specialist in card magic (Watch out! Not a fortune teller, which is a very typical question asked by my friends), coin magic, ropes, silks, mentalism and many more things that you can’t imagine. Everything is susceptible to be invaded by this illusion.

The sort of performances in which you can see me is stage magic and close up magic and it’is as much for adults as for children (with balloon twisting).

Now you will be wondering dear friend, because you are not able to resist the temptation to live the experience, where will you be able to see me? Well, wherever you want, and also at:

- Galileo Galilei Theatre
- Alfil Theatre
- Janagah Theatre
- Taboó Nightclub
- Casa Teatro Theatre
- Ni Hei Ni Ken Pub
- Santo Domingo Hotel
- Federico García Lorca Theatre (San Fernando de Henares)
- Popular Celebrations.

Furthermore, I also I have been hired by different high profile brands on several occasions like Nespresso or Orange and with collaborations for different associations and charity events like Centro Hispano-Americano, SER Association, Brinzal NGO, Pichimapu NGO, Protégeles Association, Adhara Association…

I’ve always tried to learn from the best magicians and humorists of this country, and for that reason, I’ve received lessons from artists like Juan Tamariz, Jorge Blass, Luis Piedrahita, Agustín Jiménez, More… and not least, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar.

Now that you know a little more about me, you have only left to get to know me.

Follow me and you will see.

Germán Mata


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